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Spiritual Heat Journal

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Do you want to energize your spirit life? Spiritual Heat is designed to lead you into solid foundation in your relationships with God, with others, and with your authentic self.

I have done spiritual H.E.A.T. for at least 10 years now.
It has truly changed my life; in how I approach my day, in
how I view circumstances and most importantly how I view my Higher Power. Somehow by adhering to this simple practice (about 15 minutes each day) I can see how much my Higher Power continues to love me. I also see how my life and the lives of others on my path are connected and how we help each other on our journey. When these understandings are in balance, I am too, and am then able to approach the day with love in my heart.
- Debbie F.

“Spiritual H.E.A.T. is like a dynamic, evolving tool of
spiritual growth.”
- Joyce B.


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