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Who We Are
Many people are suffering from the lie of separation. Life patterns such as depression, loneliness, anxiety, addiction and isolation are robbing them of purpose and joy. For many, even suicide becomes a viable option as these patterns do their worst. The BethWE community is made up of people who know what it's like to hit a bottom in life. Working together as a community, we move from numbness to peace of mind, from loneliness to useful wholeness, and from separation to connection. There are accounts of members of this community that have moved from a suicidal mindset back to a life of hopeful unity.

What We Do
At least once a month, we host a local workshop to deal with issues that affect many who desire wholeness and abundant life. Dealing with issues that cause separation, we share tools for overcoming. Workshops are listed on the website, and include such topics as Family Dysfunction, Forgiveness, Challenging Old Beliefs, Dealing with Anger and Fear, and Living Your Best Life.

Beth also teaches on subjects like these once a week on the iheart radio station named WAXE out of West Palm Beach, or locally in Vero Beach at 1370 am or 107.9 fm. The BethWE Radio Hour runs from 11am to noon every Thursday morning. Again, topics are designed to help listeners feel connected and willing to move forward by sharing tips, tools and understanding.

Our online community supports and encourages one another as well. Using our share wall, books, and other media outlets, BethWE supplies lessons and tools to build and maintain awareness. As we improve individually, we become vessels of healing for others. We are trying to live our best lives now by building and maintaining connection with others, with God, and with our true selves.  

We Are An Active 501(c)3 Organization
In February of 2014, we received our nonprofit status so that we can enlarge our outreach and assist more in need. Even now, our seminars, books and other tools are provided at no cost to those who cannot afford them. We forsee a 24/7 internet radio channel to serve those seeking answers and support, an online magazine dedicated to living the 12 Steps to Wholeness, online seminars and small group sessions, and more.

We believe that the chains of bondage can be broken when right thinking is restored. We have witnessed incredible transformations in areas of alcoholism and addiction, poverty, and personal identity work. Our outreach will supply necessary tools toward positive change. We offer hope that life can become full and purposeful to those who have lost their reason for being.

If you are interested in finding out more about these opportunities, please contact our Director, Lee K, at Lee@BethWE.com. To support our work financially, please use the DONATE button on our website. All donations are tax-deductible, and serve to help the disenfranchised find the road back to connection.

Work to Do!
We are preparing to build our Board of Directors and grow our technological fingerprint so we can reach people who are in isolation. We desire your support both financially and prayerfully so the struggling can regain the desire to live. Already, we have impacted lives.





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