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Plateful of Grateful

      What if you planned your life the way you planned your  
meals? Would your meal plan be well balanced or would 
      you be living a junk
food existence?

      This delightful little book will help you become a "master  
      chef" in the
kitchen of your mind.

      As it turns out, we aren't what we eat . . .
      we're what we think!

Price: $10.99

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Spiritual Heat Journal

Do you want to energize your spirit life? Spiritual Heat is designed to lead you into solid foundation in your relationships with God, with others, and with your authentic self.

I have done spiritual H.E.A.T. for at least 10 years now.
It has truly changed my life; in how I approach my day, in
how I view circumstances and most importantly how I view my Higher Power. Somehow by adhering to this simple practice (about 15 minutes each day) I can see how much my Higher Power continues to love me. I also see how my life and the lives of others on my path are connected and how we help each other on our journey. When these understandings are in balance, I am too, and am then able to approach the day with love in my heart.
- Debbie F.

“Spiritual H.E.A.T. is like a dynamic, evolving tool of
spiritual growth.”
- Joyce B.


Price: $12.99

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g. o. d. (group of drunks) speaks Volume 1

This dynamite little book is designed to engage the recovering individual in reflection. Some entries are hard-line twelve step information, others are crazy fun. 

Great for gifts or for your own nightstand. Buy two. They're small. ~wink~  

Some selections include:

"Keep it green. Babies bounce. Oldtimers crack."

"Being a victim is like being a virgin. You've got one shot at it. After that, you're a volunteer."

"Alcohol made my personality blossom with fake flowers."

Price: $9.99

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