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Our Mission
Many people have lost the ability to serve their priorities due to the compulsions that have invaded our society. Whether the struggle belongs to us personally or to someone we love, rebounding is difficult. Recovery can be rocked by the resulting life circumstances, emotional insecurities, and personal setbacks that come from learning a new way of living. At BethWe, our goal is to start the uncomfortable conversations that turn complacency into action, and despair into real hope. It's time to challenge the obsessions that rob us of good living and peace of mind by offering additional tools, information, and encouragement. Welcome home, because at BethWe, you belong.

Connect, Communicate, Thrive

Connect: People were designed for connection. To attain purpose and balance, human beings must relate to their surroundings with the three natures with which they were gifted - physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual. With increasing speed, these connections are being thwarted. Physical gatherings have been minimized and orchestrated by a literal 'healthy fear'. Emotional bonding is frustrated by societal fragmentation and the pride that it produces. Spiritual relations are challenged by despair and confusion, and blame replaces belief when the "God idea" is mentioned. Left alone and afraid, many have given up. Both the National Institute on Mental Health(a) and the CDC(b) report the suicide rate in America has increased 33% in the past 20 years.

With this in mind, BethWe endeavors to create opportunities to reconnect. We believe that the treasures of the heart are best accessed through intentional alliances. Our experience is that awareness always precedes action, so we will encourage you to safely unite with your true self, with others, and with God. It is our contention that human connection is a prerequisite for successful living. 

Communicate: Children are taught that "honesty is the best policy." Sadly, that is no longer the policy in mainstream America. News is no longer based on Truth, but on financial and strategic maneuvers. The two leading views are dividing the nation, and everywhere, the desire to be right has replaced the desire to unite. This separation is not limited to state matters. It affects our families, our work places, and our communities. Self-righteous pride has replaced compassion for many, and negativity and sarcasm are more common that courtesy and kindness. Those recovering from dependence can get lost, afraid that the hand that would feed them may bite instead.

In this climate, recovering from brokenness seems a monstrous task. The hurting will settle for numbness when peace of mind is available. Isolation calls the sufferer and our displaced contact list doesn't notice the disappearance. It is so much easier to take to the bed and turn off the lights. Hiding fears becomes a pattern, because sharing fears can feel unsafe.

To share one's truth with another is an intimate and courageous act, even in the best of times. Presently, people are learning to dance around with words, "poking the bear" as it were, to find out if he is "on the same side". We speak scandalously about our leaders, and laugh at their failures and humanity instead of offering them our fervent prayers for direction and stamina. Communication is filtered, and fear precludes sharing any other emotion. The broken one and his concerns gets lost in the shuffle. The louder voices drown out his call for help.

We believe that communication is key in relationship and recovery. Relationship is integral to successful living, and for the addicted among us, recovery depends on becoming part of the "we".  Our mission is to restore healthy communication with self, with others, and with God. 

Thrive: This goal seems simple, but it is actually the loftiest of our challenges. In the current environment, many have been reduced to survival or existence. For someone facing physical compulsion, obsessive thinking, and loss of moral compass, survival is the enemy. Learning to live with purpose and on purpose is key. It is unacceptable for someone to succumb to the pressures of loneliness, depression, or defeat when community is available and willing to assist. Living life to the fullest isn't about going on hot air balloon rides or traveling the world, though both of those ventures could be exciting. Living life to the fullest is coming into healthy awareness of self - knowing who you are and honoring him/her. Living life to the fullest is having fruitful relationships with others - accepting them as they are and loving them in spite of it. Living life to the fullest is knowing God - not just knowing about Him. When a person is comfortable in those three areas, the ability to thrive comes naturally. The compulsive drives that fueled his demise fade into the background and serve only as a testimo

ny that will help others with similar challenges.

What We Do
Successful living demands persistent self-reflection and growth.

To that end, BethWe.com hosts workshops to deal with the latest issues affecting our network. Online and in person, the BethWe team will address topics to take participants from awareness to action. Workshops are advertised through our mailing list (go to the Contact Us page if you aren't already part of our registered community). Our topics vary, and some include: Funky Family Relationships, Forgiveness, and Overcoming Loneliness. Podcasts further this line of introspection, and are available here or on other streaming services.

Tips, tools and understanding about the ups and downs of starting life over or maintaining and moving out of dysfunction are part and parcel of our outreach. Weekly blogs are available to subscribers. Social media posts are designed to sneak up and encourage followers, because we know that life's hard hits can come out of the blue. Staying in the moment and readjusting our attitudes are helped by gentle nudges to live on purpose - and with purpose. Regular articles in Vero's Voice magazine bring awareness to the patterns that lead us away from connection and into isolation.Go to our Pickle Page for merchandise that reminds us about our priorities while furthering the BethWe outreach financially. 

We believe that the chains of bondage can be broken when right thinking is restored. We have witnessed incredible transformations in areas of relationships, financial fears, and personal identity work. We offer hope that life can become full and purposeful to those who have lost their joy. 

We Are An Active 501(c)3 Organization
We need support to continue this important work. Our seminars, books and other tools are provided at no cost to those who cannot afford them. If you are interested in finding out more about opportunities to support this effort financially or by volunteering, please contact our Beth at beth@bethwe.com.  Our website DONATE button is operational anytime. All donations are tax-deductible, and serve to help the disenfranchised find the road back to connection.

Work to Do!
Please pray for us. We want the struggling to regain the desire to live and to delight in their circumstances. Already, we have impacted lives. Won't you help us impact more?

A New Commonality that We Are Addressing

Forty years ago, cancer was a new phenomena, and people avoided speaking about it out loud. "The Big C", they'd call it, in whispered tones. Today, almost everyone knows someone who has battled cancer. Hiding it didn't help it go away.

BethWe knows that increasing influence of the new family disease that is changing the face of America - addiction. Like cancer, people avoid speaking about this persistent disease. We whisper about it or cover up for loved ones caught in its grip. Addiction lies to everyone, from the addicted person himself to the family and friends who love him. Though there are many programs to help people get clean initially, follow up strategies and information are vital because like diabetes or COPD, addiction is a chronic disease. The sufferer must treat this disease daily to achieve life success.

Once detoxed, or clean from his/her drug or behavior of choice, life patterns must be challenged if the addict is to thrive. When these patterns do their worst, loneliness and despair may return, and thoughts of suicide or self-harm may seem a viable option. Families and friends want to help, but are unsure how to proceed. Ongoing growth is necessary, because like others,  addicts often suffer most because of their need to connect, communicate, and thrive. That's why we're here. Hiding addiction won't make it go away.

Our BethWe team is honing our outreach, and developing a new web presence called Wecovering.com.  Help us get this up and running by making a donation today. 

(a) https://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/statistics/suicide

(b) https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/products/databriefs/db330.htm





Connect, Communicate and Thrive
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